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Computer Related Injuries

August 4, 2021

Being in front of a computer for a prolonged amount of time can be very straining on our bodies. It affects us in so many negative ways. A few ways to alleviate some of these strains is to take a break every once in a while. Stepping away for even a few minutes every hour can make a huge difference in our bodies function. Another way to avoid some of these pains is to ensure that you are positioned correctly. Having your computer at eye level or just below, positioning your keyboard and mouse at elbow level and having your forearms parallel to the ground, and keeping your shoulders back and sitting up straight. When we do not do these things, this is where injuries can come in to play. If your head and shoulders are constantly forwarding it puts a strain on the nerves of your neck and you may begin to feel some numbness. Having your mouse and keyboard in the incorrect place may cause your nerves in your carpal tunnel to become strained leading to numbness and the inability to have full function with your hands and wrists. 

Start by redesigning your workspace to be at the correct position for working. It is often that we adjust ourselves to the space rather than the space to us. Staring at a computer, even at the correct position can still have strains on your body, try to move around and stretch once in a while to keep your muscles from tightening up.

A Massage Therapist sees these types of strains all the time. They can help to loosen up tight muscles and give you the relief you need. They can help with a variety of things from postural imbalance and inflammation to hemipelvis imbalance and nerve compressions. They have the knowledge to understand where our body needs the extra work.

-Marnee DeJong, 2021