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Golf Injuries- Lower Back

Apr 1, 2022

How to prevent:

Before starting your round ensure to warm-up, be sure to check out this short video on some great warm ups that will improve your range of motion and flexibility. https://youtu.be/VmF_iDthMso. If you are not using a cart, be sure to carry your bag safely with the weight evenly distributed across the back, to ensure you are not straining yourself. While playing, try to avoid hunching over the ball and hold your spine relatively straight. Ensure to follow through with your shot by having a straight back not ending in the reverse-c position.


There are many options when it comes to treating an injured back, Some things you may want to try at home is applying heat and/or cold to the lower back in increments. If the pain or discomfort continues you may want to seek our help!

What can we do for you?

Here at the Holistic Family Wellness Centre, we can also help you in a variety of ways! We offer Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and Manual Osteopathy. Our Manual Osteopath Joel Jeans can help to work with you and your body to get back into the Swing of things. He can help you restore function and reduce pain with a combination of movements, stretching and specific deep tissue manipulation. Our wide range of Massage Therapists can help you through manipulating muscles and tissues. With the lower back they will focus more on the trunk rotation and hip flexibility. Our Chiropractor Dr. Ernest Schroeder can also help! A huge issue that golfers deal with is the misalignment of their spine, luckily our chiropractor has just the trick. Using the activator method, a chiropractic gun, he can help to align your spine back in place and get your game back to where it should be.

-Marnee DeJong, 2021